Hydration Pack – 2 Liter

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vertical front zipper for a quick reservoir access
Adjustable sternum strap for extra stability
Elastic Secured Loops
Source QCA system for quick connection with vests and backpacks
Zip Top Opening
Vertical zip for quick access to the tube / bubble plug for the installation of personal filtration Systems
quick and easy refills without spills
Insulation keeps liquid cool for better absorption by the body
PE-Liner: Button-Free Grunge-Guard antimicrobial
Robust 3-ply construction with glassy profile properties
Color Black

Fluid capacity: 2L (70oz)
Weight (Pack + Reservoir): 0.53 kg (1.17 lbs) – Drinking system: WXP
Valve: angled Storm Valve
Tube: Weave Covered 94 cm (37 inch) Long
Reservoir: 435 ┬Ám co-extruded Glass-Like PE

Length: 44 cm (17.3 inch)
Width: 21 cm (8.3 inch)
Max. Depth: 3,8 cm (1.5 inch